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Medically Managed
Weight Loss

Free Phone Consultation

Comprehensive weight loss program that uses a combination of diet & lifestyle modifications along with FDA approved weight loss medications.

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Low testosterone evaluation & treatment
Free Phone Consultation

Testosterone levels begin to decrease as early as age 35.  It is estimated that nearly 40% of men over age 45 have low testosterone.  This number increases to over 60% of men over age 65 with low testosterone.  Common symptoms include fatigue, decreased sex drive, and mood changes.

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Rapid COVID antigen test
Accepted for COVID travel certification

Am I infected with COVID now?

Nasal swab that detects active COVID infection. 


Results in 30 minutes or less.

Drug Testing

antibody test

Have I been infected with COVID previously or do I have antibodies from my vaccine?

Fingerstick test to detect previous COVID infection or successful vaccination. 


Results in 30 minutes or less.

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Erectile dysfunction treatment
Free Phone Consultation

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common medical condition in men and can be caused by several different factors.  We offer screening for the underlying cause & multiple treatment options for ED.

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Affordable labs with
telehealth visit

Checks for 20+ diseases/disorders.  Diabetic panel, cholesterol panel, liver health panel, kidney health panel, anemia panel, thyroid disorder panel, electrolyte panel, infection panel, testosterone panel, & prostate health panel.

Hair Treatment

Hair loss treatment
Free Phone Consultation

Evaluation & treatment of hair loss with multiple treatment options available.

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